Casa Del Rio

Our Continuum of Care

Willow Glen Care Center has several locations throughout Northern California designed to serve multiple levels of care and behavioral health programming for adults and the elderly mentally ill.   In addition to providing transitional, short and long term levels of residential care, the Yuba City location is located adjacent to acute psychiatric inpatient services.  Willow Glen Care Center and it’s associated programs are designed to coordinate care with county mental health agencies to facilitate referrals, care and treatment, discharge planning and placement.

Casa Del Rio Facility Description

Casa Del Rio is centrally located near the business section of Hanford, California. Consumers will have convenient access to public transportation and necessary community services.  The facility provides generous outdoor space to accommodate a diversity of uses.  Peaceful and serene, the spacious outdoor areas offer plenty of grassy area for activities, concrete walkways, covered patios, large shade trees and flowering plants, perfect for relaxation and outdoor activities

Program Overview

Casa Del Rio is dedicated to providing a safe, empowering environment that promotes dignity, self-respect, and wellness and recovery for the individual consumer.  Casa Del Rio is an adult residential facility serving individuals ages 18-59 and is licensed by the Community Care Division of the State Department of Social Services.

The program will provide adult consumers requiring residential and mental health services with a community based alternative to institutional placements.  The program provides a 24-hour per day, seven days per week structured, therapeutic milieu for consumers. The program’s primary goal is to assist consumers to develop the skills necessary to transition from supervised twenty-four (24) hour care to independent living within the consumer’s home community.

Casa Del Rio staff works in collaboration with County Mental Health, Case Managers, the Public Guardian and the individual consumer to develop a comprehensive plan for community re-integration from out of county higher levels of care.

Services are individually targeted and focused on comprehensive life skills development to reduce the consumer’s dependence on higher levels of 24-hour care and emergency psychiatric services and to maintain an independent living arrangement.  Casa Del Rio is committed to fostering empowerment, hope and self-reliance; as essential tools for successful independent living for the consumer.


Program Components

Crisis Prevention / Wellness & Recovery / Client Advocacy / Community Reintergration / Therapeutic Community / Planned Activities / Daily Living Skills / Program Management.                                                                                            


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817 West 7th Street Hanford, CA 93239

Phone - 559-380-2173

Fax - 559-410-8181

House Manager: Jill Marmon