Our Mission

Willow Glen Care Center is a Clients First organization that promotes self - awareness and acceptance in personal wellness and recovery.  

Willow Glen Care Center works within the county mental health continuum of care to provide coordinated residential care and specialized programs in a safe and supportive environment for adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

Willow Glen Care Center is committed to providing resources that facilitate community re-entry by promoting personal responsibility, independence, and courage while preserving respect, human dignity, and hope.

Our Goal

To become a fully integrated “System of Care” for rural County Mental Health Agencies’ adult services in Northern California.

The Willow Glen 10 Commandments of Client Care

★  Thou shall keep Clients First

★   Thou shall honor Client’s Rights

★   Thou shall keep sacred the Client’s Trust

★   Thou shall honor every Client with Respect and Dignity

★   Thou shall not Abuse or Neglect any Client

★   Thou shall Document Truthfully

★   Thou shall Protect Client’s Property

★   Thou shall not cause Clients to Covet Methylxanthines

★   Thou shall Provide Comfort to the “Poor in Spirit”

★   Thou shall Provide Care and Supervision to All within our house